My Buddy Is Hot (mybuddyishot) wrote in nonbitchxcore,
My Buddy Is Hot

*The Application*

Sexual Preference//I am not sure
Residence//Colonie, Albany, NY

Favorite Movies//Mary Poppins, Bedknobs & Broomsticks, Slap Her She's French (She Gets What She Wants), Napoleon Dynamite
Favorite Bands//Semisonic, Lisa Loeb (she isn't a "Band" though), Save Ferris (they broke up though), The Beatles!, Love Psychedelico
Favorite Books//HP(that I have read, I am a slow reader), Lovely Bones, Agetha Christie Books
Favorite Games//Candyland, Chutes & Ladders, Pool but is that considered a game or more of a hobby? Either way I'm not all that good.
Favorite Song Lyric Ever//Just read the entire lyrical content to "Michelle" by the Beatles. I love that song.

Opinion on~
Gay marriage and/or homosexuality in general//Well considering my sexual preference answer I would have to say I'm for it.
Bush// I don't really like him. The other day I watched him give a speech and it seemed like he didn't know what he was talking about. You know, you are giving a speech man. Take the time to research what the hell you're talking about and maybe take down some notes.
Straightedge//I was one once.
War// 36 Marines died yesterday. Need I say more?
Abortion//I cant make someone elses decisions for them, but I think I'd like to have the option of choosing, even though I would probably have the baby anyway

What do you think is the most essential class in school [not your favorite]//Gym because I don't work out obviously so this is the closest thing too it.
The most useless? Why?//Economics, but that's probably because the teacher I had didn't actually teach rather he talked about sports and himself.

Are you labeled/ in a clique? Do you enjoy being labeled? Whats your opnion on it?//Probably weird freak kids who love hello kitty. I think I'm the only member. I guess it's not really a clique as much as it's a group of friends because it's not like we overpower the school with our opinions or anything...

Please don't be scared.

I hate acne.

this was taken the other day it reminds me of a picture I have of lisa loeb<3

I miss my purple hair :(

me at work

Some weird girl at register 5. Oh wait that's me.

My interests = I love hello kitty (obviously!), Lisa loeb, dodge shadows/plymouth sundances (i drive a shadow<33333), making websites, spanish class, and wrapping presents (weird)
Also, I really like milk.

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