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Name// Emilee aka Justa
Age// 17
Gender// female
Sexual Preference// men men men men
Residence// NeW Yoooork

Favorite Movies// Friday, Next Friday, Gone in 60 seconds, Secret Window...many more
Favorite Bands// Bands: Alkaline Trio, Cold, Trapt, Rancid, NOFX, Staind...soo many more. Rappers: Eminem, Jadakiss, D12, Nas, 2Pac, Lloyd Banks, Fabolous, ...more too...
Favorite Books// The Boys Are Back in Town by Christopher Golding (i believe), and Nightshift by Stephen King
Favorite Games// um video games? Tony Hawk Underground
Favorite Song Lyric Ever//  WELL..this week i'd choose this one..but it changes CONSTANTLY (like this cuz of the punchline)

"...It's guaranteed you gonna die, you might get missed
For maybe 2 or 3 hours, 'til they light their spliffs
And that coke will get you a long time
But when I let 'em know the dope is out, it's like AMERICA ONLINE
Wise has awoken
And you know they say that you deserved it whenever you die with your eyes open..." - Jadakiss

Opinion on~
Gay marriage and/or homosexuality in general// not what i like, but i know others do, and thats totally fine with me.
War// hate war...it's all so stupid
Abortion// I think abortion should be legal, it should be up to you. (up to a certain point, like if u're really far along, no)

What do you think is the most essential class in school [not your favorite]//  English
The most useless? Why?//  GYM, because it takes up time when you could be learning something significant to you, and those who don't exercise, admit it do u actually do ANYTHING in gym anyway? nine times outta ten it's a no. (like me i dont do anything in it)

Are you labeled/ in a clique? Do you enjoy being labeled? Whats your opnion on it?// Umm I'm with all the goths mostly, but I've also been called the "ghetto goth" because I rap, and listen to rap as well as other music. No actually I don't really like being labeled, but hell, it's better than being associated with preps at all.


um kinda old but all i got

uuhhh that's all i got would u settle for a pic of my boi? since u didnt say it had 2 b me anywayz *devious grin*


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omfg you're red. I like that you're blinding me.

oh yes, that was my plan all along! blind u so u cant see my boring answers
Did you skip the Straightedge question for a reason? XDD

YaaaY i feel luved. =D
LoL yes actually...i have no idea what u mean by straightedge LoL