Kathleen LePirate (klepi) wrote in nonbitchxcore,
Kathleen LePirate

Application! I hope, I hope I can get in!

Name// Kathleen LePirate
Gender// female...
Sexual Preference//fellas
Residence//this is hell, this is hell

Favourite Movies//um. Moulin Rouge, Donnie Darko, Pirates of Silicon Valley...
Favourite TV shows//Gilmore Girls.......
Favourite Bands//The Toasters, New Blood Revival, Streetlight Manifesto, They Might Be Giants, Bad Religion
Favourite Books//...all? Princess Diaries series ((don't get me started on the horrors of the movies)), HP, HHGTTG, Good Omens, Anything by Dave Barry, His Dark Materials, I just read a Twain - that was good, reading Please Kill Me right now -really good...I just love all books, don't make me choose
Favourite Games//Paperboy, bizitch, Baldur's Gate is pretty good, I like the Tony Hawk games...favourite of all time though, of course, Jet Set Radio Future!!!!!!
Favourite Song Lyric Ever//If you will not have me as myself \ perhaps as someone else \ Perhaps as you I'll be worth noticing \ Then even a eunuch won't resist \ The magic of a kiss from such as me

Opinion on~
Gay marriage and/or homosexuality in general//What is it anyone else's business? A relationship between two people is to be decided upon by those two people alone. People should be allowed to be who they are.
Bush//Not a fan. At all...I don't like to anger people, so that's all I'll say. I hate him.
Straightedge//Just logical.
War//Just not logical.
Abortion//Again, I feel it's not anyone else's choice. I could never do it myself, but to ask me to make that decision for every pregnant woman out there is ridiculous. I don't know everyone's story and it should be their decision. Pro-choice.

What do you think is the most essential class in school [not your favorite]// Hrm. History teaches hate. English is important but not that important since every class is basically an English class, eh? Science teaches about the world around you - some people don't care. But MATH...Math teaches logic and perception. We need more logical and perceptive people in this world. I say math.
The most useless? Why?//Girls PE. No one does anything anyway.

Are you labeled/ in a clique? Do you enjoy being labeled? Whats your opinion on it?//Uh...depending on where you met me, I'm shy/insane/freaky organized, so the perception of me by the general population is probably mixed. If I had to give myself a label, it'd be like nerd or something. Or math geek. I'm huge on math. Math team, robotics team, etc.


You can also spout off anything else you feel strongly on, tell us anything else you'd like us to know about us, you other interests, etc. Whatever you want. :)
You should totally add something about favourite TV show. Yep. Cause I did.
Right so I like math a lot. And subs. :-)

Oh, and I like Macs. I get very attached to electronics. My mac's name is Malachy...and my iPod - Malachy Jr. And my PC, Molly, and my server ((which isn't online yet :-P)) is Oliver.
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