Dal (slaygirl) wrote in nonbitchxcore,


karwyn made a post in her journal at one point that stated how everyone looks sexier in eyeliner. I wanted to see if the above was true, even if the only time I've had eyeliner on was for stage shows and I DEFINITELY didn't look sexier with it on.

So, therefore, I give you eyeliner picspam.

The only modifications I did to the picture were some mild blemish removal, because I am a vain whore, and cropping, because I realized after it was taken that my boobs were practically falling out of my top (yes, I AM wearing a top) and although I may be a vain whore, I am a modest vain whore. Also, it puts a bit more focus on my face, and not the cat, who was wreaking some minor havoc behind me. XD; I love my pet.

I really didn't know what the fuck I was doing with the eyeliner, I just wanted to do SOMETHING, and...that seemed vaguely interesting enough. Yes, I did do to one side what I did to the other; the left side (our right) just came out lighter for some reason.

Anyway. Do I look any sexier? Somehow I doubt it, but okay. XD

[edit] I'm so fucking amused. I post this and literally THREE SECONDS LATER I'm flamed. shadydragonfly. Get a life.
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